Are you looking for a simple way to stay connected to friends and family? Here is how to install Empathy and connect to many instant messaging services.


Empathy is an open source instant messaging application for Ubuntu. It has support for text, voice, video, and file transfers. Empathy gives users the ability to connect to many instant messaging protocols at once. Such as Google Talk (Jabber/XMPP), MSN, IRC, Salut, AIM, Facebook, and much more.

  • Multi-protocol: Google Talk (Jabber/XMPP), MSN, IRC, Salut, AIM, Facebook, Yahoo!, Gadu Gadu, Groupwise, ICQ and QQ. (Supported protocols depend on installed Telepathy Connection Manager components.) Supports all protocols supported by Pidgin.
  • File transfer for XMPP, and local networks.
  • Voice and video call using SIP, XMPP and Google Talk.
  • Some IRC support.
  • Conversation theming (see list of supported Adium themes).
  • Sharing and viewing location information.
  • Private and group chat (with smileys and spell checking).
  • Conversation logging.
  • Automatic away and extended away presence.
  • Automatic reconnection using Network Manager.
  • Python bindings for libempathy and libempathy-gtk
  • Support for collaborative applications (“tubes”).
Available for
  • Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10
  • All distributions based on the above Ubuntu

How to install Empathy in Ubuntu

  1. To begin installation you will need to open a new terminal window. You can do this with the hotkeys Ctrl + Alt + T. or you can find the terminal in the Dash menu.
  2. With the terminal open, type the following command to begin installing Empathy.
sudo apt-get install empathy
  1. Enter your password when prompted to authorize the installation.

install empathy in ubuntu

How to Use Empathy

with Empathy installed, you can launch the application with either of these methods.

  • type the following command into a terminal window, Ctrl + Alt + T.

install empathy in ubuntu


  • Access the unity dash menu and search for Empathy. You can then launch the application by clicking on the Empathy icon.

install empathy in ubuntu

How to Uninstall Empathy

  1. First, launch a new terminal window with Ctrl + Alt + T.
  2. Type the following command into the terminal.
sudo apt-get remove empathy
  1. Enter your password to allow Empathy to uninstall.

install empathy in ubuntu

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