Do you need to install Blender in Ubuntu? This guide will show you how to easily install Blender 2.78 in Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10.

Blender is an open source 3D and 2D creation suite. Despite it being open source and free it outshines a majority of paid creation suites due to its flexibility and continuously developing features.

If you’re someone interested in 3D art and animation, whether amateur or pro. Or just someone that wants to develop their artistic skills then Blender is the creation suite for you.

Blender is packed with features like 3D Unwrapping, Shading, Physics and Particles, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation. This alone makes it an even more viable option than more pricey 3D creation suites.

The appeal of Blender lies in the fact that it isn’t just created by paid developers. But rather by passionate individual artists, artistic professionals, big-budget studios, scientists, students, VFX experts, animators, game artists, and anyone else that has anything to offer to its ever evolving features.

Getting used to working in Blender might seem daunting at first. However, thanks to the vast majority of free online tutorials you’ll be creating professional animations, art and anything else you want in little to no time. Blender is a must-have for any artist, designer, visual developer or anyone else looking to create 2D and 3D images or videos.

Install Blender

Installing Blender is as simple as typing a few commands into a new terminal window. Open the terminal either through the Unity Dash or with Ctrl + Alt + T and enter the following commands one at a time. While installing you may need to follow certain on screen prompts. for example, typing ‘y’ if you wish to install Blender or entering your password to authorize installation.

Blender password prompt

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thomas-schiex/blender
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install blender

Uninstall Blender

If after using Blender you decide it’s not for you. Or you need to uninstall Blender for any other reason then open a new terminal window with the hotkey Ctrl + Alt + T or via the Unity Dash menu and enter the following command to uninstall.

sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove blender
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:thomas-schiex/blender

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