Contracting a computer virus is the last thing anyone needs. Here's how you can install Clam AntiVirus and stay protected.

It’s not often the words Ubuntu and anti-virus are used in the same sentence. That’s because Ubuntu and Linux, in general, are known for their high standards of security. But that doesn’t mean anti-virus software should be completely forgotten about. After all, being prepared is always be the best way to stay safe.

Clam AntiVirus is a free and open source toolkit that was initially developed for Unix. Clam is able to detect viruses, malware, and many other malicious threats. Everything this tool does is through the command line. But don’t let that scare you off as many front-ends (GUI’s) are available, such as the famous Clam Tk.

Here’s how to install Clam AntiVirus and it’s front-end, Clam Tk.

  1. To install Clam AntiVirus, type the following command into a new terminal and follow the prompts. You can open the terminal either through Unity’s Dash menu or with the hotkeys Ctrl + Alt + T.

    sudo apt-get install clamav

    Install clamav

  2. For simplicity, it’s best to install the front-end ClamTk also. To do so type the command:

    sudo apt-get install clamtk

    Install clamtk

  3. Once installed you can then run ClamTk from the Unity Dash menu or by typing clamtk into the terminal.

    run clamtk unity dash

    run clamtk terminal

Amber Belle

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